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Fan starts up for 5 seconds or so, and turns off. I do know that its just the light but I need to know how to fix it or get it fixed. Does not turn on at all at present. Thanks a lot, Mehran. It is possible that one of the modules is bad.

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It just simply acts as if there is no hard drive attached, even the replacement hard drive I purchased is not showing up in nx7010 sd card reader BIOS area.

I have a Pavilion that overheats the power connector, and caused nx7010 sd card reader pin to have an intermittant connection: Emma, Could be bad memory. Does not turn on at all at present. Debi May 15, And it so happened that my computer has turned off automatically.

HP Compaq manuals

Jack Conley May 7, When you cardd the laptop, the memory module loses connection with the slot. You said the power light is on. Go to manuals 4.

Am I mistaken or did HP stop offering the service guides. Vincent September 22, nx7010 sd card reader Car tell me how to fix this without having to send HP my laptop because I am to the point of not trusting them anymore after the waste of money on the second adapter. It too had the blinking caps light and scroll light and would not start. The power jack is soldered to the motherboard.

How can i reset the bios? Tried leaving it unplugged, without battery for hours, nx7010 sd card reader joy.

If you still experiencing the same problem, there is a chance that you have bad motherboard. Daniel April 17, As it sits right now there nx7010 sd card reader nothing but one stick of ram in it, no HD, no DVD, the needed hardware to get it started.

One light comes on on the laptop the one saying the charger is plugged into the laptop. If the laptop starts intermittently like that, it could be one of the following: My computer works fine when hooked up to an external monitor.

VERY annoying, any other suggestions apart from a hammer or super glue?!?!? After pressing the power button nx7010 sd card reader happens: Moose October 12, I was asked me for help. Make sure the wireless connection is not disabled. Roger Diaz September 7, I have a Compaq Nc Evo laptop and everytime i try to reboot it ,it comes out saying Fixed disk Paremeter or Bios error. Scott Best September 17, Try booting the laptop in Safe mode.

HP Compaq manuals | Laptop Repair

Now for your information, after some months, when i try luck to turn nx7010 sd card reader the laptop, suddenly the laptop turn on. I have an hp ZT, laptop. Hi, Thanks for the links! Joseph Santos, I doubt that you can do this kind of repair at home unless you have proper equipment and a lot of soldering experience.