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It doesn’t seem to be specific keys that it happens with either. Has anyone tried that? Reformatted entire hard drive, installed Win7Ultimate full clean install. The mouse still works normally. Once started, I can load the notepad and just let the cursor blink. Hey Guys, I have experience the same issue on my Notebook and asked good friends from the technical support.

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Well, that’s an opinion.

I think I will ku-00316 removing the driver. I hope this helps you. Monday, Keybowrd 09, 3: It happens to me in windows 8 with bluetooth keyboards even after reinstalling hp ku-0316 keyboard and before doing anything the bug is there.

I hp ku-0316 keyboard already using the internal BT, but the problem happens either way I get the key repeats in any application, no matter what I’m doing. What’s the story Microsoft??

Sometimes I was typing in a word hp ku-0316 keyboard and between words there was lots of random letters, so I decided to trash it, I gived up, so it was defective and out of warranty The action can be interrupted by disabling the Synaptic Touch-Pad.

Monday, September 01, Remove From My Forums. Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Technet Web site.

I booted into the HD diagnostics boot cd and it shows up there. Just got myself a Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard and I get keys stuck often, although they aren’t really. I thought it was a defective keyboard, so I bought a new Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse.

Deleted was KB and hp ku-0316 keyboard that the machine was unresponsive. I just checked them and found that they are k-0316 at about low 1. Hp ku-0316 keyboard screen i go to that has a space to type, such as open a google search page and all keyboxrd a sudden Whew, finally I can post. I’ve noticed this on my macbook pro, but do not have the problem on either one of the two external keyboards I use. As for great biggies reply, that will work for at most 1 day.

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Hi, Thank you for posting to TechNet. Specifically, I uninstalled the following:. I’m using a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard v1.

Thursday, December 31, All HP updates made. Saturday, Hp ku-0316 keyboard 08, 2: Suddenly when I start to type the sentence beginns with a – yp – example for the google search:.

But I had my external keyboard plugged into a USB hub. This seems to be a serious issue, as this thread has been active since July up until yesterday. Which one hit hp ku-0316 keyboard like a “handful of wonder-dust?

Originally I thoooooooooooooooooooought it was because I was running win7 native on a MBP, guess not. I am having the same issues on multiple systems, All hp ku-0316 keyboard. Getting slowed mouse movements and random lack of response from keyboard or sticky keys as described above.

True story– the doorbell rings, fluffy small white dogs rush barking to the hp ku-0316 keyboard window looking for an ku-0136 Fed Ex appears with a Apple Mac Pro — problem abandoned– but I would like to fix keyobard PC.

Keys repeat uncontrollably

A tempermental touch pad? I also just installed the latest keyboard drivers. Sunday, July 02, 4: The survey will appear here when you’ve completed your visit, so please do not close this window.

I’ve also used the same keyboard with a Mac through the KVM, without any problems. Sadia, There must be over a hundred comments here. I picked a microsoft keyboard and mouse to work with a microsoft operating hp ku-0316 keyboard and I was expecting no compatibility issues hp ku-0316 keyboard a result.

Friday, October 18, I get ku-03116 key repeats in any application, no matter what I’m doing. First after a while I thought it was a driver issue because if I connect the keyboard and use the “generic” drivers the hp ku-0316 keyboard did not hp ku-0316 keyboard but once I install the Official Microsoft drivers with all the features it bring back the problem, but after a while using this “generic”drivers problem comes back much later that using the one provided on the CD or hardware support website.

I got this keybooard too, and I think I know the cause but not the solution. In typing it’s trouble too, but I can always backspace and restore the key hannnnnnnnnnnng. I had the repeating- last-key-pressed problem on a new Sharkk keyboard and an older MS multimedia one. I am using windows vista 64 bit.

Had the same symptoms as most people–random keystrokes and mouse gestures, and it happened both when using an external keyboard and mouse or the built in keyboard and touchpad on an HP dv4 with Windows 7.

The fix has always been to disable the touchpad then to enable it again. Hp ku-0316 keyboard, December 22, Hi, this problem started a week ago. Thursday, November 11, 9: